Marlee Wray

USA Today Bestselling Author

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Dark Mafia Romances




The moment I see the mark on my door, I know I'm in deep trouble.

Connor McCann's mark means pain and punishment. It means he's coming for me, and when a man like Connor decides to teach a girl like me a lesson it's a long, hard, shameful one.

Someone stole from me. Zoe's got answers, but doesn't want to talk. Too bad.

Little girls who play games with me end up sore and sorry. She's going to tell me what I want to know, then she'll scream my name as I remind her who owns this city... and her.

He's an enforcer. A monster who deals out punishment and retribution. And I've made him very angry...

I tried to keep it secret, but he knows what I did, and he's not a man who forgives and forgets. I'm not sure what he'll do to me when he comes for me, but it's going to be rough and shameful.

She may be a virgin, but she's far from innocent. She crossed me and now she'll pay the price.

I'm huge. She's tiny. Taking what I give her is going to hurt. But she'll take it anyway, long and hard, until she screams my name. She has many lessons to learn, and the first is that she is mine.



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